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A new version of Tontie (v) was just released a couple of weeks ago, and it now offers even more features and enemies than the beta (v.0) had. The first. Tontie und weitere Top Online-Spiele kostenlos spielen auf - inkl. Tontie Tipps, Tricks und Videos! Schlage den Monstern mit dem Hammer. You're the Tontie master!! GAME OVER. TIME OVER. BACK. PAUSE. TITLE. CONTINUE. ×. SOLD OUT. EXIT. RETRY. SPECIAL THANKS TO KIA. But nevertheless, an amazingly fun game. However, I'm really bad at it and can't get past lvl I already was good at keyboard games such as Stepmania DDR simulator, works with keyboard or USB dance pads, I use the former , and this rocks. Using the numeric keypad. I've been through it 5 times from scratch without continues. I die at level 2 on my laptop. Is there another site with Tontie v1. Wooo just completed lvl 20! The ray gun, for me, takes forever to shoot. Does anyone have any idea why Tontie v1. Most tonties or bad stuff effects are useless aganst ray gun, because most effects is only aganst hammers, so you can blast through number eyes, spike bags, yellow tonties and a lot more stuff without thinking. Now seriously, it took tontie about 50 tries to finish the last level. You need to log in to add this game to your faves. The big boss is whacked during quiet times in. This game is so damn hard, stuck on the demon guy, but i can't buy any more stone tables because i think there's a cookie or something and i bought one when i was batman games level 1 before i knew it was a save point

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What a nice Wednesday! You get the gun at random out of a treasure chest. Schlage den Monstern mit dem Hammer auf dem Kopf, sammle Energie und Geld und pass auf, dass du nicht daneben schlägst. Created by On of Eyezmaze , a Japanese Flash game designer of wonderful games like Grow and Vanilla , Tontie continues to be one of my favorite Flash games ever. Level 20 boss is beaten - I am the "Tontie Master". I entered level 20 with full hearts, no diamond hearts, the gold hammer and wings, and basically no money. Some reason I can't get to the website to play Tontie version 1. Nor will any of the eyezmaze website load. And I was down to the silver hammer no less. All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner s.

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Let's Play Eyezmaze's Tontie, Part 1 tontie The hardest part about this level for me was that it'll put a stone guy on the number that the Master eye has They have just secret codes and they are always same if your situations are different in every play. If you want to start playing Tontie again fresh, simply remove uni jena spiele file that Tontie saves. Pick this up and you can use the second Password. For me, this was a challenge.


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