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Space Police III war ein LEGO Weltraum Thema, dass begann. Es ist die Fortsetzung von Space. LEGO set database: Space | Space Police. Also known as: Space Police Prisoner Transport. Our community: own this set, want it. The Space Police trope as used in popular culture. Quite simply, an organization of peacekeepers in outer space. This is not the same as a Starfleet-style. Jiya , Jaco the Galactic Patrolman and Dragon Ball Super. Also, in her The Time Traders series, there's speculation that the alien "Baldies" are this - at one point, the heroes wonder whether a video they found is the record of an actual case or the equivalent of a television "cop show. The Panoply in Alastair Reynolds ' The Prefect. The Intra-Solar System Police ISSP from Cowboy Bebop is basically an extension of Interpol extended to the entire solar system. In the Ultraman Franchise, The Space Garrison that the titular hero belongs to fits the bill with the added edition that all of the organization's members are armored giants that mostly deal with rampaging kaiju and their evil extraterrestrial masters. Their limited number is also justified by the fact that the Emotion Spectrum is a finite power source. In one episode of Teen Titans , Centauri police arrive on Earth in pursuit of Starfire's sister. The Looney Tunes short "Rocket Squad"', a Dragnet spoof set in space. LEGO Space Police Raumschiff mit Light System - Nr. In the short story on which the movie is based, Farewell to the Master, Klaatu is only an artificial construct created to make it possible for Gort to communicate with humans. The Virus Warriors of Super Noobs. Later writers, however, included shout-outs such as Green Lanterns named Arisia and Eddore, after the Godlike alien empires of the Lensman novels. Farscape 's Peacekeepers were initially created to act as a neutral peacekeeping force by powerful aliens in the far distant past. Anzahl der Gebote und Gebotsbeträge entsprechen nicht unbedingt dem aktuellsten Stand. Planetes has the Orbital Security Agency Delphin olympiade 2. The suggestion of Ego space police Living Planet becoming a Corpsman instantly dismissed as "crazy"; what's actually happening is a bit more complexis a clear Shout-Out to Mogo. Space 4 Juniors 24 Action Wheelers 9 Advanced Models 55 Adventurers 72 Agents 13 Alpha Team 32 Aqua Raiders 7 Aquazone 28 Architecture 41 Assorted 8 Atlantis 24 Avatar The Last Airbender 2 Connect2 44 Basic Batman 15 Belville 82 Ben In a twist, Gort the robot turns out to be the officer, and Human Alien Klaatu is his assistant. In later books, the Solarian Office of Frontier Security and the Gendarme fill this role on paper, but wassertropfen zeichnen are far too corrupt along with the rest of the Karneval spiele League to serve as anything but imperialistic thugs. space police Die Legendären Abenteuer mehr. The eponymous organisation in the Spaceforce novels, which does pretty much what it says on the tin - a space police corps with jurisdiction over crimes that take place in space, or on space stations or anywhere else that isn't actually a planet. Space Channel 5 Part 2 has the Sexy Space Police. The GLC is also unusual at least by comic book standards in how far they take the law enforcement metaphor, having things like badges, allotments of vacation days, and specialized departments like the Alpha Lanterns who are an Internal Affairs department within the Corps. The series Space Rangers.

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